Joannitów Castle

The truth is that we weren't the first ones here… because some 700 years ago the Johanniters, made this place their home. Rumor has it that the Johanniters still haven't paid two thousand Rhine Florens for the damages they caused. We are grateful however, that they enriched the view from our pier thanks to their castle. The view from the castle to Lake Park Łagów is not so bad either...

Around the lake

Most of us start our adventure in Łagów by going around the lake. The trail around Łagów Lake is about 9km and it is perfect for your morning routines like training, cycling or hiking. The path runs around the water with great views of the lake and the surroundings. It is also full of great picnic spots. Our favorite however, is the picturesque “Cossack Beach” at the very end of the lake, where a small river flows into the place. Even though there is no beach there, the location is truly remarkable.

park linowy
Rope Park

While the instructors ensure that the park and the equipment is completely safe and of the highest quality, there have been times when we have prayed to the Lord as our knees would get weak and tremble with fear at the very top. Don't worry though because the truth is that 6-year old's do just fine, and there are two easier routes for you to practice before going all the way to the top. Seriously this is a great way to reset form your everyday mundane activities...


Everyone knows and loves this bee. Even though she has turned 100 years old recently, she has just opened her amusement park. These parks are rare in Poland, so there is probably no need to advertise the place. You will find Rollercoasters, carousels, slides – regardless of the weather you can really go crazy here, because many of the attractions are located indoors. So if you are visiting us with your family, save the whole day, because you have to visit this place.

szlak miodu i wina
Wine and Honey Trail (Lubuski County)

As we fill ourselves with wine, our secrets tend to escape. It's no secret however, that the Lubuski province is a land filled with wine and honey. The trail consists of over fifty places where you can take a closer look at wine production, learn the secrets, and of course taste it 😉 It may seem that winemaking does not have a long tradition in our country, but the wine produced here has found a permanent place on the menus of the best restaurants in Poland. Since life is too short to sip plain wines, we recommend the local Riesling, both on warm summer days as well as for Christmas Eve Dinner…. Hmmmm just the thought gives us goosebumps.


An unfulfilled Austrian watercolorist once changed his plans and instead of invading France, as he had originally planned, he decided to direct his troops to Poland. Before he came up with this brilliant idea, he was strengthening his eastern border for many years, which resulted in the Międzyrzecki Fortified Region. These are one of the largest underground fortifications in the world. This well-preserved, almost industrial architecture is especially appreciated by about 30,000 bats, occurring here in 12 species.

Chrystus w Świebodzinie
Christ in Świebodzin

Even if you do not have God in your heart, you will easily find him here ... and more precisely in Świebodzin, just 21 km away. The statue of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, towers not only over the city, but also over the entire surrounding areas. The statue is three meters taller than the one in Rio, thanks to which it earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Supposedly, there is also the oldest Tesco in the world, dating from 5 years before Christ.. 😉